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Many people send me emails with warnings about Virus's they've been warned about. Before you panic. always check for Computer Virus Hoaxes first or check your Virus here to see if it is a Computer Virus hoax here. If you just want to check out some fun stuff, you can check out the urban legends reference site to find out if those rumors or legends are just myths or outright lies. Use a free virus scanner. For those of you who are interested in computer advisories you might want to check out US-CERT (The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team or the CIAC (Computer Incident Advisory Capability) web site.

Top Computer Virus Activity - Map of current virus activity

Computer Virus

Computer virus's can be a real pain in the .....

If you have a computer virus the people at TrendMicro have some excellent resources for helping you to detect and get rid of those nasty virus's

Free On-Line Computer Virus Scanner from TrendMicro

Free Online Virus Scanners

Bit Defender online scanner
Trend Micro online scanner
Panda Software online scanner
Kaspersky online scanner
McAfee online scanner
Symantec online scanner
eTrust from Computer Associates online scanner
F-Secure online scanner

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