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Pictures of the Fay family.

I have compiled Fay family photos of Susan Fay and Lisa Fay, at their winter formal, Bart Fay and his sons Christian Fay and Reece Fay enjoying time together, Kelly's birthday as well as Brett Fay shooting the shoreline in Hawaii.

From time to time pictures of Fay family members will be placed as gallery links from this page. Please check back often.

  Pictures from Kelly Fay's Birthday

Pictures of Kelly Fay and her 2002 Hyundai Sonata

Pictures of Brett Fay surfing the shoreline in Hawaii.

  Pictures of Christian Fay and Reece Fay napping and eating Ice Cream at Grandpa's house.

Pictures of Bart Fay and his two boys Christian Fay and Reece Fay.

Pictures of Christian Fay and Reece Fay - Wal-Mart 7/10/04

Pictures of Susan Fay and Lisa Fay getting ready for their 2003 Winter Formal.

Pictures of Susan Francis and Tim Francis (NEW).

Screen Saver (Tim and Susan) (tim_and_susan.scr) 1.6MB

Christmas 2004 Screen Saver Screen Saver file of The Fay Family Christmas 2004 (christmas2004.scr) 15.1 MB

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