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Southwestern Furniture handcrafted and designed by Jd-Woodworks
SpybotSD - Spybot - Search & Destroy by PepiMK Software
IrfanView - one of the most popular viewers worldwide
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Google Dance Tool - Check Positions & Get Dance Alerts
Award-Winning NoteTab Text Editors and HTML Editors
World time zones map with current time
Sun Clock - Where is the SUN?
CHP Traffic Incident Information Page
Sam Spade - Really great networking utilities and web site for finding DNS etc... COMPLETELY FREE!
Fay Productions - Don Fay Bio (Site Map)
Fay Productions - Linda Fern Fay Bio (Site Map)
If you need to improve your golf slice or golf hook, this is a must see web site.
DAK Industries: Drew Kaplan Greets Past DAKonians at DAK!

About DAK:

The DAK catalog was my dream catalog for high-tech gear. You might remember the DAK Catalog from the 80's or so. DAK had all the latest greatest toys for techies like me. What's more, the owner of DAK (Drew Alan Kaplan) tested and (more importantly) played with all the items in the DAK catalog and then told you both the pros and cons of each item. Reading his articles inspired me, and cost me a bit of cash, and educated me about the benefits that these hi-tech products had to offer. I ordered everything my wife would allow me to order from the DAK catalog, and a few other things besides. Drew is back and so is DAK. Check out DAKs web site, you will not be sorry. Although, if your married you might want to stash some cash away that the wife doesn't know about.

Other James Fay (Not Me) Web Sites:
Dr. James Fay, Professor of Music, NVCC - Professor of Music. Teach music theory, music history, and music technology.
Personal Web Page for James A Fay - Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
 Jim Fay - One of America’s most sought-after presenters in the fields of parenting, positive discipline, and classroom management.

Apparently this page has attracted interest. I have received numerous emails asking me to include links that people might be interested in. This is the first email that actually included some interesting stuff. Ed sent this in for me to review and post. So what the heck, (I won't post the commercial requests unless they are really good) here is a request to post links. (the comments are from the original email) I have checked all the software and found it all pretty interesting and free from problems. I especially like the revamped XearthSE.

I ran across your webpage while googling DAK.
I also saw your links to sun clocks and I thought you might be
interested in these apps to add.

GeoClock Sunlight Clock Home Page
[one of my first favorites from long ago dos/win31 days but has been
updated for current Win, except for 2k, shareware with no expiration]

Earth Screen Saver for Windows
[this one is my current favorite, written by the founder of AutoCAD, freeware]

XEarthSE » Description
Current release: 1.1.3, May 5 2003

And now with tropical storms!
Xearth for Windows is a port of the classic Xearth program originally
written for X by Kirk Johnson. Xearth for Windows renders a shaded,
real-time image of the Earth. This port was created by Greg Hewgill. The
image is displayed on your desktop and can be updated at regular

One of the features of Xearth is the ability to mark locations on the
surface of the earthly image. Xearth comes with 76 built-in locations.
You can place your own favorite locations, if you know the latitude and
longitude co-ordinates. More information can be obtained from the
Xearth for Windows site.

Greg has added the ability to display the location of recent large
earthquakes obtained from a server. However this server has not been
responsive. He had planned to obtain the quake information from another
website but has not posted an update since January 2000.

Way Out There Software has modified Greg's code to obtain quake
information from the Near Real Time Earthquake List page.

We have also added the ability to display current tropical storm
locations obtained from the Tropical Storms, Worldwide site.

xearth for Windows

Welcome to AtomicTime 2.2!
I hope you'll agree that this is the smallest, fastest, and most useful
free Win32 internet time synchronizing program to date. And, of course,
all the source code is available for free.
It synchronizes you computer's built in clock with the clocks of one or
more free time servers on the internet. These time servers are all kept
accurate to within 1 second of coordinated universal time, as
maintained by an atomic clock.

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