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Cat Images of Precious, Kidly and Jordan.

Cat Image of Precious Cat Image of Kidly Cat Image of Jordan
Precious - 4 years old - Susan's cat Kidly - Precious's Brother - Lisa's cat. Jordan - 2 years old - No idea who owns him

UPDATE: Jordan has passed on to a better life. He was feeling a bit under the weather one day and by the time we got home that evening, he was gone. We hope he continues to enjoy God's bounty of multiple heavenly birds, mice and other fun creatures to spend eternity with. He will be sorely missed by all of us at the house.

Precious is QUEEN of the house, Kidly is the consummate hunter and lady killer, Jordan, well Jordan is the jokester. He is constantly wanting to play and harasses both Precious and Kidly all the time. They just want to take it easy, get some grub and take a nap. The cats all hunt, in fact they all bring us various mice, birds, rats, lizards, gophers... you name it, they kill it bring it home to show mom and dad and then have a great meal.

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