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These our the latest pictures from our North Carolina trip. Latest North Carolina Pictures (10/29/05 - 11/5/05).

On Saturday 5/14/05 Bart Fay married Sheila Marie Tourgeman-Killian. Here are the pictures from the wedding that we had the pleasure to attend.

Our trip to North Carolina to see our newest grand daughter and the latest newlyweds. We had a wonderful vacation in North Carolina from 4/23/05 until 5/1/05. We spent the entire time with Susan Francis, and Kristina (our grand daughter), her sister Lisa Geer and her husband David and his family (Larry, Sonja and her parents, David's grandfather and grandmother).
Here are a bunch of raw pictures from our visit in North Carolina.
We have a new addition to the Fay family:
Kristina Michelle Francis -- Susan Francis (Fay) is a mother!
And yet another addition -- Bart and Sheila's Son - Evan James Fay born 9/5/05
And another one - Lisa and David Geer have a son! Jacob Geer born 10/05/05
See a video of Jacob Geer!
Well -- It finally happened - Lisa Fay has gotten married. The lucky man, or unfortunate man's name, is David Geer (pictures). Here is some information about David Geer (bio) (pray for his immortal soul PLEASE!).

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